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Adam's Life

Adam John Kausak
Jul. 26, 1986 – Jan. 17, 2002

On Wednesday July 23, 1986, as Colleen and Donald Kausak were anxiously awaiting the birth of their first child, Colleen’s father, John Homolka, died from sudden cardiac arrest. Don and Colleen’s family was worried how the stress of dealing with the death of her father would affect her health since she was due to deliver at any moment.

On Saturday July 26, 1986 after the burial of her father, as the family was gathered at her parent’s home in Dolton, Illinois, Colleen went into labor. The hospital where she was to deliver the baby, Loyola Medical University in Maywood, Illinois, was more than an hour away.

As Don ran around the house frantically looking for his car keys, the family had placed Colleen in one of their cars and was driving off. Don found his car keys; they were in his pants pocket all along.

Colleen gave birth to the first of three children, a beautiful baby boy, Adam John Kausak, that evening at 10:47PM. In memory of Colleen’s father and honor of Donald’s father, Colleen and Donald used their name John for Adam’s middle name.

There is a saying that as one person is coming into the world another person is leaving to make room for him or her. Adam met his grandfather, John Homolka, as Adam was entering and John was leaving.

Although, Adam only lived for 15 years he impacted a lot of lives, as witnessed by all those that attended his wake and funeral. His family and friends stated that he was a very kind and thoughtful person who would help anyone. They continue to show their love and support to Colleen and Donald.

God creates everyone for a specific reason. No matter how smart one is or how long they live they will never figure out what God’s plan is for them. When they have successfully completed God’s plan, God calls them home for a more important assignment. Adam completed what God wanted from him on earth and now he is with God in Heaven helping him with his next task.

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Adam John Kausak: A Beautiful Heart Stops Beating
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In Loving Memory of
Adam J Kausak

July 26, 1986 - January 17, 2002
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